Recruiting Services, Hockey Agents, and Family Advisers: What is right for you?

NCAA hockey coaches spend long hours identifying and evaluating prospective players, but the reality for most programs is that they cannot see every team in every league.

There are services, such as recruiting services, hockey agents, and family advisers available to help promote your son or daughter's ability to succeed at the next level in hockey. As a parent, you must weigh the cost of these services against the benefit and make the right decision for your family.

Recruiting services

Recruiting services are unique because they can provide many tools to help market and increase awareness of your child. Some of the services provided by these companies are video production resume building, online profiles, and correspondence with NCAA coaches.


If your son is a highly touted young player, projected to be a high Major Junior draft pick then you will likely hear from an agency who would like to represent your son. However, NCAA rules prohibit a prospective student-athlete from signing with an agent. In this situation, the agent will act as a family adviser with the hopes that when your son signs a professional hockey contract that they will have earned your loyalty and business. This is an area that you should use caution as signing an contract with an agent is prohibited by the NCAA.

Family advisers

Family advisers are similar to recruiting services; however there is more of a personal touch. Advisers will identify players they feel can succeed in college hockey and act as a bridge to NCAA hockey coaches.

Often, these individuals have been through the recruiting process several times and can provide great insight for your family. They will communicate with college hockey coaches and actively network in order to help place their clients with a suitable program.

YCH recommends that before choosing a recruiting service or family adviser that you do your homework. Find out the experience of each adviser and what their plan is to promote your child. As helpful as such a service can be, there are people out there that are trying to make quick money.

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