SAT Test Preparation
and Getting Ready for
College Hockey

There is always a lot of mental energy spent by young hockey players and their parents on how to play NCAA Hockey. However, it is extremely important to prepare for the opportunity while you pursue it. Things like SAT test preparation, skill and strength development are key parts to being ready. Also, is your son or daughter ready for the unique challenges of student life as an athlete?

A plan is needed for:

  • Academics at college and the SAT
  • Hockey at college
  • College life
  • Social media

Plan for Academics

Being ready for the academic demands of full-time studies at University in the United States starts with SAT test preparation. All hockey players who hope to play college hockey will need to write the SAT or ACT.

Your SAT test scores are only part of it though. You will need to research the admissions requirements for any school you are interested in. Colleges and Universities will look at your high school GPA and the Eligibility Center will look at the 16 core courses, going back to grade 9.

Plan for Hockey

What about the hockey? How can you be ready? Well, the biggest difference your son or daughter will see is the speed of the game and the strength of the players. Players in the NCAA will vary from 18 to 25 years old (in some cases).

What is your plan to develop your skills to play at a faster pace with older, more experienced players?

What is your plan to develop your strength and conditioning to compete against older and stronger players?

Plan for College Life

One area that is often overlooked is that of college life. Your son or daughter will have to be organized to balance the demands of school, hockey, and a social life. How your child manages these areas will play a large role in determining their success as they transition to college hockey.

It is crucial to understand the potential pitfalls in behavior and academics and how your off-ice experience can affect your on-ice success.

Social Media Sites

It is also necessary to comment on social networking. How your son or daughter uses social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter can definitely impact their dreams of playing college hockey. Social networking can be a great tool, but it can also cause problems. Be sure you know the do's and dont's of social networking for athletes.

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