Social Media Sites:
What Your Son or Daughter Needs to be Aware of

Social media sites allow for great access into an individual. Many people do not realize the importance of their online networking presence.

College hockey coaches are not just recruiting hockey players, but people. They will search your son or daughter online to get a better insight in to who they are as a person.

What might seem harmless to your son or daughter can be potentially damaging to their future. However, if used correctly, online networking can be incredibly positive.

Here are some dos and dont's when using social media platforms that can help create a positive image for your child.

Social Media Sites - Do:

  • Express your personality by uploading pictures of you and your friends that represent a positive image.
  • Set highest level of privacy settings for all social networks you belong too.
  • 'Be-friend,' 'like,' 'follow,' etc. people whom you actually know or who represent a positive image.
  • Network with professionals such as coaches and organizations. Many NCAA hockey teams use Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to get inside and the latest information about the programs you are interested in. This will also encourage you to maintain a positive online profile.


  • Upload pictures from parties, including behavior with alcohol and drugs.
  • Allow everyone to see everything.
  • Network with people who post distasteful pictures and comments. Who your friends and followers are will represent the type of person you are.
  • Post personal information.

Following these tips will not only help with the pursuit of a college education and hockey, but also in your child's professional life as they continue to grow.

Every year there are countless stories of student-athletes and professionals who get in trouble and lose their jobs and reputations based on how they interact online.

It is critical that your son or daughter behaves responsibly with all of their online interactions and use online networking to accelerate their opportunities.

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