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Your College Hockey is a complete resource to help you understand the NCAA recruiting process in ice hockey to make confident, well informed decisions. YCH strives to create confident, well informed players and families as they strive to play hockey in college. 


YCH covers Men's and Women's NCAA hockey at the Division 1 and Division 3 levels. 


YCH is a credible source to help you Find the Right Fit to play NCAA hockey in the areas of:

YCH will help you find the answers to your questions regarding:

YCH is your home to learn about the college hockey programs and NCAA rules:

  • Research Men's D1 Teams - Our straight forward team pages give you the necessary information to help identify opportunities.
  • Research Men's D3 Teams - How many players in my position are graduating this year from this team?
  • Research Women's D1 Teams - What place was this team in over the last three seasons?
  • Research Women's D3 Teams - Has this team ever made it to the playoffs or won a championship?
  • Essential NCAA Rules - Be informed and aware of the rules!

Use the drop down menu in the left column to navigate to our team pages. You can use these pages to research the teams.

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