Women's NCAA Ice Hockey Division III: Education + Hockey = Opportunity

Women's NCAA ice hockey in Division III, provides you with an opportunity to play in an environment where academics are taken seriously. You will recognize many of the top schools in the nation with Division III teams. The Athletic departments for these teams focus on creating a memorable experience for you in hockey and education which will open the doors to opportunities that will be made available to you for your future.

It is not easy to make an NCAA Division III team. Out of all the players from age 14 and up, only 2.1 % will make an NCAA Division III ice hockey team. You will face tough competition for a limited number of spaces.

There are 56 teams in the Women's Division III. There are an average of 21 to 24 players on each team. As a rookie, you will be competing every minute of every practice and every game to get ice time. Additional ice time is gained by being part of the special teams. In your first year, you need to be prepared for the fact that you may see limited ice time.

The scouts and recruiters focus on the older players in Junior and Prep School leagues. The leading sources for players in the Division III are Massachusetts, Ontario, and Minnesota 78%of the players are from the US, 19% are from Canada and 3 % are from other countries

The Women's Division III provides a path focused on education and athletics to open the doors of opportunity to a professional career. You might even become the next coach of your school team.

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