A Female Ice Hockey Player Faces Heavy Competition to Play in Division 1

The NCAA Division 1 is the highest level of college hockey for a female ice hockey player. Women's hockey is one of the fastest growing areas in the game.You will recognize many of the players from the Olympics.

There are half as many women playing in the NCAA Division 1 as in the Men's Div 1. Of the 775 women's hockey players, approximately 58% are from the US, 39% are from Canada and 2 % are from other countries. Canadian presence is very strong in the CHA and ECAC.

Since the 2001-2002 season, the percentage of Canadian players and those from other countries has been increasing quicker than the US. The main source of players for the Women’s D1 is from Ontario, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

The Division 1 teams are highly scouted by the coaches of the Olympic teams. When you take the opportunity to watch an Olympic game, you will notice that the majority of the rosters of Canada and the US are filled with NCAA Division 1 ice hockey players. You will also start to notice that some of the European teams have players on their roster from NCAA teams.

It is extremely difficult to make it to a D1 team. Only 1.7% of the players from age 14 and up will make it to NCAA Division 1.You will be competing against players from the elite levels of Prep School and Minor Hockey for a limited number of spots that are available each year.

There are approximately 21-24 players on each team. Teams will dress four lines, three sets of D and two goalies for each game. Even though you have dressed for the game, you may not receive a great deal of ice time. The first and second lines receive the bulk of the ice time and special teams are next.

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