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Joel Robillos Interview

Joel Robillos

  • Player Consultant - Top Shelf Sports Management
  • Associate Head Coach Oakville Blades Jr A - OJHL

1. What is the difference between an agent and family advisor?

Agents will deal with the player's professional career. Family advisors guide students in their amateur careers.

2. How can a family advisor play a role in advancing the recruiting process for a hockey prospect?

The family advisor can bridge the communication gap between the NCAA school and player, without violating any NCAA recruitment rules.

3. When should a player consider working with a family advisor? What age? level of play?

Generally, having a family advisor when you enter your minor midget year is ideal. This is the year the NCAA start identifying players potentially for their school. Schools realize they need to start the recruiting process at this point in time to compete against the OHL if they want a chance to acquire players in Ontario. The player must be playing at the highest level in his Minor Midget year to have the best exposure to the NCAA schools.

4. What questions should a family be asking when choosing a family advisor?

How long have they been a family advisor?How many players have they helped get to the NCAA and where?What schools do they have strong relationships with?How many people do they service and advise?How do they select their clients?

5. What is the first thing a player and the family can do to prepare for the college hockey recruiting process?

The first thing a player and family can do to prepare in the recruiting process is to have a hockey, and educational biography prepared so they can email it out to the schools they are interested in. Having a recruiting video to send out to schools is also very beneficial.

6. What do you feel is the most common misconception that families have when approaching the recruiting process?

The most common misconception families have in the recruiting process occurs early, or initially in the process. families often feel there is no interest in their son, when they reach out, and phone schools and Receive no reply back. What families fail to realize is NCAA rules and regulations do not permit coaches to return phone calls to players depending on their age.

7. What is unique about your service?

The unique thing about our service is the personal attention we give our clients. Our client numbers are small by choice. This ensures the client they will Receive the attention and time they deserve.

8. How long have you been in this industry and what is the biggest thing you have learned from your experience?

I have been in the industry for 6 years, and the biggest thing I have learned from my experience is that honesty and integrity are essential elements in this service.

Learn more about Joel Robillos and Top Shelf Sports Management Inc. at WY.topside.com

Joel Robillos

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