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Pete Dillon

  • College Placement Advisor - HockeyPlayerPlacement.com

1. What is the difference between an agent and family advisor?

An advisor is paid by the client to advise the family whereas usually an agent is paid when a player signs a pro contract.

2. How can a family advisor play a role in advancing the recruiting process for a hockey prospect?

He knows the ins and outs of the process and should have the contacts to assist in placing the player at the next level.

3. When should a player consider working with a family advisor? What age? level of play?

It really depends on the player. His skill, academics etc. Hockey players develop at different ages.

4. What questions should a family be asking when choosing a family advisor?

What his philosophy is. How many players he has helped advance. How many players he looks after and what percentage of his players have been offered to the next level.

5. What is the first thing a player and the family can do to prepare for the college hockey recruiting process?

Get educated in the process and requirements of the student athlete.

6. What do you feel is the most common misconception that families have when approaching the recruiting process?

They think its easy. They don't have any idea of what's involved in the process of getting noticed and tying in the sport and the academics.

7. What is unique about your service?

I work with a small group of players. I watch them play before I accept them as a client. I limit the number of forwards, defensemen and goalies and also by age and academics so I don't have a lot of kids competing for the same spots. I run my stable like a hockey team. Finesse guys, offensive d men, skilled fwds, stay at home d men, etc . When I place a player, I look for a similar player to replace him. I see 150+ junior games a year and like to feel that I know my kids' game better than they do themselves. I don't sugarcoat advice and feedback. I feel reality is the best way for a player to improve.

Because of my reputation with the schools, I have the schools call me with their needs which certainly gives my player an edge. Because I am selective in choosing kids that I feel are good enough, the scouts know that if I recommend a player to them, that I feel they can play for that team. They know they are not wasting their limited time and resources in seeing that player. I do most of their work for them. As a result they respect my opinion and talent evaluation and know I have screened the academics, family resources and most importantly, the character of the player. I'm very communicative and accessable and work very hard for my players.

I spend time in the rinks , not just putting profiles on a website. Its the old fashioned way that gets results. The best comment that I hear all the time is 'I see you everywhere!!!'

That's why I have never had a player not receive an offer to get to the next level.

I always stress that what a player does on the ice dictates where he will end up. I can only get him looked at. The kids get the scholarships!! Not me!!

A lot of my time is spent smoothing out the roller coaster that hockey is and helping the player remain focused on the game. Its a game and it supposed to be fun. When they relax and have fun... they play better and good things happen!

8. How long have you been in this industry and what is the biggest thing you have learned from your experience?

I have been doing this for about six years and the biggest thing I've learned is just how many good players are overlooked because of the time limitations of the coachs from the universities. Two or three guys can't physically scout all over North America and run practices and coach games at the same time.

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Pete Dillon - College Placement Advisor

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