Benefits to Sending Hockey Videos to Promote Your Skills

There are several benefits to sending hockey videos to a college hockey coach. Like the rest of us, hockey coaches are extremely busy during the hockey season. Assistant coaches as well as Head Coaches will get out to see as many Junior, Prep, High-school, and Midget games as possible to identify players that can help improve their team.

The reality is that recruiting budgets and time is tight for most teams and they will never get a chance to see every team in every league to look for players. It is not uncommon to see players commit to a team that has never seen them play in person. This can happen in a variety of ways, but hockey coaches have extensive networks of people they trust all over North America who can put them on to players.

Like players, college coaches are searching to find the 'right fit' for their program. That means that a player is the type of student they are looking for and the player's family has the resources necessary to send their child to that particular school. The player is also the type of person they are looking to add to the program.

The opportunity to see a player on video helps a coach determine the ability level of the prospective student-athlete. This is especially important in situations where the coach will not see the player in person.

Division I coaches are under limitations in the number of evaluations of a player they can make so having hockey videos of your son or daughter will increase the number of times they can see you play without going over their permissible evaluations.

Having video gives the coach an opportunity to slow down, re-wind, and make an accurate assessment of the player. However, there are some very common pitfalls in sending video. It is crucial to make effective use of video.

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