Communication with Coaches: A Key Factor for College Hockey Recruits

As college hockey recruits, it is important to remember that Division 1 hockey coaches are limited with the type and frequency of communication they can have with you. However, you are fully entitled to contact them in any way, as many times as you want.

That doesn't mean that you should bombard the coaches with endless information. You should keep your communication simple and specific:

  • Height, Weight, Birthdate
  • Contact information: Email, home phone, and cellular phone, mailing address
  • Parent's contact information: Cellular phone, email, mailing address
  • Coach's contact information: Cellular phone, work phone
  • Team, league, position, jersey number
  • Recent statistics, schedule of games
  • Video where appropriate 

This information is specific to what college coaches need from you as a college hockey recruit. Their job is to evaluate the needs of their team and the talent of prospective student-athletes.

Most teams have an online questionnaire so be sure to complete the form for any schools that you are interested in.

Having great questions for coaches can show that you are a prepared and thorough individual. Consult our "Questions for the Coach" page.

It may also be helpful to have a family advisor who has contacts in the NCAA. It is very important to do your research on the advisor and learn about their track record.

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