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YCH News, Issue #014-- NCAA Rule Changes
February 03, 2013

Your College Hockey Journey Begins Here!

In this issue:

  1. Are You Prepared? – Be prepared for the changes in the Division 1 manual.
  2. Mom and Dad - Get ready for loads of communication from the coaches.
  3. Article of the Month – NCAA rule changes in the Division 1 manual
  4. Social Media – Get your game ready for social media.
  5. Our Rookies– New at

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Are You Prepared?
Be prepared for the changes in the Division 1 manual.

The changes to the Division 1 manual allow more contact between coaches and players. These changes also allow more recognized coaching staff to go to more games to watch and meet players and their families. This means that the odds have increased for players to be seen and talked to by a Division 1 member of the coaching staff. It also means that you have a greater chance of meeting a coach or being proactive and introducing your self to a coach that you recognize at the rink.

It will now be more important than ever to be prepared at all times to meet a coach from a Division 1 school. It could happen at a game and there is a possibility that it could also happen at a practice.

Something to consider - Carry a copy of this information for yourself and have your parents carry copies as well. Since the coaches are allowed more contact via email and social media, you may wish to keep your information online for easy access to send to coaches.

The player who is prepared will definitely have an advantage over the player who is not in the age of these new rules. Will you be the player who is prepared?

SAT Testing Dates 2013

  • January 26, 2013 Register by December 28, 2012
  • March 09, 2013 Register by February 08, 2013
  • May 04, 2013 Register by April 05, 2013
  • June 01, 2013 Register by May 02, 2013

ACT Testing Dates 2013

  • February 09, 2013 Register by January 11, 2013
  • April 13, 2013 Register by March 08, 2013
  • June 08, 2013 Register by May 03, 2013

Mom and Dad -
Get ready for loads of communication from the coaches.

The rule changes by the NCAA are a positive step for the Division 1 college hockey programs and their recruiting, but it can also mean that your child becomes inundated with contacts by college coaches. It can be everything from phone calls to email and text messages to good old fashion letter and envelope mail.

Some things to consider

  • How will you deal with the increased contact through technology?
  • How will you manage the amount of contact that your child receives?
  • How will you manage the distractions so that your child can focus on maintaining good grades? This is important because the NCAA has tightened the rules for entry into college.
  • What is your preferred method for initial contact with a coach?
  • How will you stay grounded and how will you keep your child grounded?

With these new changes, there will be an increased need for due diligence and building relationships. There is the chance that you may wish to commit just to get the process over with and get away from the onslaught of communication. Take your time and make sure you feel comfortable with your decision and find the right fit for your child.

Article of the Month -
NCAA rule changes in the Division 1 manual

At the annual congress on January 19th, 2013, the NCAA approved changes to the Division 1 Manual. The purpose of the changes was to reduce the volume of unenforceable and inconsequential rules.

There are two proposals that were approved that will affect college hockey coaches

  • Remove restrictions on the ways coaches can communicate with potential prospects during the recruiting process.
  • Remove rule that limited teams to only two coaches off campus at a time for recruiting purposes. This rule was called the "Baton Rule".

What this means for Division 1 hockey coaches is that they make an unlimited number of contacts with a player starting August 1st after the player's Junior year (Grade 11) in High School. Contact with a player can be done by phone call, text messages, email, regular mail and social platforms. The coaches can make 1 phone call per month from June 15th after the player's sophomore year (grade 10) to July 31st after the player's Junior year.

The limits on email, text messaging, contact through social media eg Facebook and regular mail have been removed as long as the messages are private.

Now that the "Baton Rule" has been removed, teams can send more of their coaching staff off campus at the same time to multiple locations to do recruiting.

The NCAA is moving in a positive direction to achieve their goal of streamlining the recruiting rules for managing a college athletic program. These changes go into effect August 01, 2013.

Social Media
Get your game ready for social media.

For players and parents, it will be a wise decision to brush up on your social media skills and etiquette. Use your common sense when posting or tweeting. Read your post or tweet first before you send it. Ask yourself "what image am I conveying when I send this message? Would this be a good representation of myself and my future school?" If your answer is not positive, then don't send it.

Coaches will be using social media more than ever in the recruiting process, so it is extremely important that you have an online representation that is more than acceptable to the college hockey coaches.

Mom and Dad, it will be a great advantage to you to increase your understanding of the social media platforms that your child is using and upgrade your skills as necessary. Your skills in this area will be important in managing the increased contact your child will be receiving.

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