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We have been emailed many great questions about college hockey and the necessary requirements to have in place to make the journey successful. These questions are a source of valueable college hockey info and I am certain that if one person is asking the question, then their are many more who have the same question, but don't know where to start.

We are creating this FAQS page for players and parents to ask questions. It will be interactive so that you can post questions and you can also help others by answering their questions.

College Hockey FAQS - Ask the Coach

Question: What is a clearinghouse in college?

Answer: The "clearinghouse" is now known as the Eligibility Center. The NCAA Eligibility Center will determine if a college-bound student-athlete meets the academic and amateurism credentials to compete in Division I and II athletics. You can learn more about the Eligibility Center here.

Question: How many players are playing Division 1 hockey

Answer: In men's Division 1 there are approximately 1543 players and in the women's Division 1 there are approximately 789 players. This is based on the 2011-12 stats.

Question: How many women hockey players play college?


Approximately 1768 women play college hockey based on 2011-12 stats. 

Question: What is the sliding scale for grades and test scores for the NCAA?

Answer: This is explained on our page about the sliding scale

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We hope you will be eager to participate and be a part of our team. Your questions and answers will be a great source of information to help us all.

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