What are Coaches Looking For?

To put it simply, coaches are looking for players who will make their team better and who will also succeed within the culture and expectations of their school, athletic department, and hockey program.

Coaches need players who will improve their team. Everyone needs to bring something to the party. As a player, find those things that set you a part from other players. Develop those strengths and improve your weaknesses.

NCAA hockey programs also need players who will achieve at a high level in the classroom. Your progress toward graduation and gpa affects your eligibility to play.

Mostly all college hockey programs state that the character of the player is just as important as the player’s ability. NCAA hockey coaches are looking for good people who will work hard. However, the reality is the coach must also feel strongly that you will improve the team with your hockey ability.

Every coach has their own philosophy about recruiting and the direction of the program. We will provide interviews with NCAA coaches about what they are looking for in the recruiting process.

Learn more about what coaches are looking for from these NCAA Coaches
TJ Manastersky - Curry College
Jeff Meredith - Fredonia State
Kody Van Rentergem - Robert Morris University

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