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Kody Van Rentergem Interview

Kody Van Rentergem

1. How has the transition from player to coach been?

The transition from player to coach is interesting. The responsibility associated with being a coach is far greater than with a player. If I was late or unprepared as a player I could always make up for it on game day, but as a coach if I am unprepared the whole team has to face the consequences.

2. How has the transition from playing at one school, then coaching at another school been?

Coaching at a new school has been challenging. I had to move to a new city, and get acclimated to my surroundings. Learning 27 new players faces and names, as well as the rink staff and campus staff has been a difficult challenge as well.

3. What was the process while choosing to apply at the school you are at now?

The job opened up late in the summer as the previous staff member left to coach for the US National Development Program. There wasn't a lot of time to find a replacement so the process was expedited. I sent in a resume to head coach Derek Schooley and I had a phone interview a few days later. An informal interview was scheduled for the following weekend at the Galleria in Buffalo. I met with Mat Nicholson, an assistant coach here at RMU, and we had lunch and got to know each other for about an hour. The next day I received a call to have my formal interview in Pittsburgh. The interview lasted 4 hours: 1 hour of formal questions, 1 hour to test my aptitude on a computer, then we had lunch and finished up with a tour of the campus and city.

4. How does the coaching staff deal with the demands from the players (Ex: More ice time, Powerplay time) ?

Communication is big for our coaching staff. We encourage the players to come talk to us if they have any concerns or just to shoot the breeze. If a player comes in looking for more ice time, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will get it. The benefit the player receives from coming in to talk is that they get to know exactly why he is in the role assigned to him and what we expect out of him moving forward.

5. Do you look for only talent while scouting, or do you look more for a players work ethic and body language throughout a game?

Talent is obviously first. The player has to be good enough to play college hockey to get an offer. Attitude is the biggest factor after the players initial talent. We want good people here as well as good players.

6. Does how a player dress outside of the rink matter to a coaching staff?

A players appearance definitely matters to a coaching staff. We want to represent our team and university at all times. We expect our players to look professional whenever they are on campus or at the rink. Even in recruiting a player who is dressed appropriately has an advantage over one who is not.

7. What duties does Kody Van Rentergem perform for the team in a regular day?

In a typical day I get to the rink at 9 and respond to my campus emails first thing. After that the coaching staff has our daily meeting in my office at around 10 am. We will cover our daily practice plan, and what we want to accomplish for the day. After lunch I deal with recruiting, my duty is emailing recruits. I typicaly receive 5-10 emails a day from prospects looking to come to RMU. I have to research the player and make the initial contact through email, if a player is worth a look we will send our scouting staff to watch him. After I send my daily emails we head on the ice for practice. On game week we break down video after practice, but as of now I go teach some private lessons to local minor hockey players.

8. How does a coaching staff deal with parents who are becoming too involved?

At this level the parents aren't much of a concern. Occasionally we get a call from a parent trying to get his kid more ice time but it is rare. The guys here are grown men they don't need their parents making the phone calls.

9. Does Kody Van Rentergem have any advice for an aspiring coach?

Don't give up. I had applied for so many coaching jobs and I finally caught a break and got this one. You might not get the first one you apply for but you will get the one that you are a best fit for. Marc Crawford has a Stanley Cup but doesn't have a job right now. Eventually he will be coaching again, he just needs to find the job that is right for him and the team. - See more at: https://www.your-college-hockey.com/Kody-Van-Rentergem.html#sthash.BQA3Tvxj.dpuf

Kody Van Rentergem

  • Robert Morris University
  • Associate Head Coach Men's Division 1 Hockey
  • 6001 University Blvd
  • Moon Twp, PA 15108
  • 412-397-4451 Office
  • 412-397-4444 Fax

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