D1 or D3

by Sean Bailey
(Malone NY)

In the world of women's college hockey there have been alot of questions on the difference between D1 and D3 teams. People always have the right to their opinions but lets not forget just how good all these teams are and the commitment that goes in to every year of play.
D1 schools have been called the best level of play in the college world but just look at the NCAA web site and you will see that there are alot, and I mean alot, of D3 schools with great records and alot of your top D3 schools could WHIP alot of the bottom end D1 schools.
Now granted there are not any D3 schools that are even come close to Minnesota or Boston, those schools have players on their teams that are the cream of the crop kids( top kids in the country ). But there are alot of great players playing for D3 schools and those schools play top notch hockey as well. I am tired of hearing how much bigger and faster D1 kids are compared to D3 kids.
Let's take Plattsburgh State girls hockey team. They would beat the bottom half of the ECAC on any given day.
Education is the key because at the end of the day all a parent can hope for is that their kid get a good education. But never say that D3 hockey is not as good as D1.

Girls Minor hockey Coach

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