Do You Have a Favorite College Hockey Recruiting Story or Recruiting Tip?
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A great recruiting tip or a funny recruiting story can always help someone get through the process. The recruiting process for NCAA college hockey can be overwhelming at times and there are other times where you feel totally lost.

  • How did you get through it?
  • How did you manage the information?
  • How did you cope with the information overload?
  • What solutions did you use to figure out what was the correct information?

We'd like to pass the YCH Blog over to you so you can share your favorite recruiting stories. We'd love to hear about your NCAA experience whether you are an alumni, current player or someone currently going through the process. Share your best tips on what is working or has worked for you. And, let us know if you or anyone you know has committed to a school. We want to share everyone's successes.

Even if you have a general comment about NCAA hockey, please share it with us.

Share your tips and experiences in the form below

Share Your Favorite Recruiting Story or Tip

I'm looking forward to reading your favorite recruiting story or learning something new from your best recruiting tip. Thank you in advance for being part of the team and sharing your insights.

Your College Hockey Stories and Tips

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D1 or D3 Not rated yet
In the world of women's college hockey there have been alot of questions on the difference between D1 and D3 teams. People always have the right to their …

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