NCAA Clearing house:
"Cleared" or "Not Cleared?"

There is all this talk about the NCAA Clearing house and eligibility, but what does it all mean? What does it mean if I am 'cleared' or 'not cleared'.

The NCAA uses the Eligibility Center to certify the academic and amateur credentials of college-bound student-athletes who want to play Division one or Division two athletics. This used to be called the NCAA Clearing house, but was changed to the Eligibility Center.

Once certified by the Eligibility Center, you are eligible to compete in NCAA athletics. That does not mean you will be accepted to the school of your choice. Each school has their own admission standards that are separate from a college-bound student-athlete's eligibility.

It is possible that you are eligible to participate in college athletics but cannot get accepted to the school that is recruiting you. It is also possible to be accepted to the school but not eligible to play.

If you are having difficulty getting certified with the Eligibility Center because of your academic achievement in high school, there are some options that might allow you to achieve your dream of playing NCAA hockey.

One option is to enroll full-time at the school that is recruiting you and not play hockey for the first year. Another option is to enroll full-time at a 2-year or 4-year institution that does not have a hockey program while you are playing Junior hockey. If you can get good enough grades this could create the opportunity to enter the school of your choice as a transfer student.

Remember that if you write the SAT more than once, you can use the best score from each sub section. For example, you can take the best score you achieved in the math section and combine it with the best score you achieved in the English section to give you a better overall score.

When considering your Division III hockey options you can rest easy that you are not required to be have your academic credentials certified by the Eligibility Center. You still must be considered an amateur, but there is more leeway in terms of your academic performance.

There are many scenarios that are possible. If you are trying to determine your options and would like some guidance please feel free to contact us

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