International Student-Athlete Guide

As an international student-athlete there is information and steps that are specific to you. For the most part, the school you plan on attending will assist you along the way. Every school will have an international student office that is responsible for helping students and families from countries other than the USA.

One of the differences you will find as an international student is how your GPA is calculated. For the most part an A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, but each province in Canada and other countries will have unique conversion rates. For specific information on how your GPA will be calculated based on where you live, please contact us.

An important note for those who receive scholarship money is if the financial award is reduced or withdrawn you could be in jeopardy of violating your immigration status. This is because your total cost of attendance is now greater than before and you need to prove you can afford the increase.

It is very important that you ask questions and research so that you fully understand the total and actual cost of attendance in the event that your financial aid is reduced or withdrawn. You may need additional means of financial support.

For more information visit the Department of Homeland Security and SEVIS information page .

Living and studying in another country is exciting, but the steps involved can seem overwhelming. It is best to start the process early and be prepared. Not only will this help in the process, it will show NCAA hockey coaches that you are thinking ahead and are serious about playing college hockey.

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