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Jason Fortier Interview

Jason Fortier - CFP Hockey

Jason Fortier

  • Programs Director and on ice skills coach - CFP Hockey

1. Where did you play?

I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie and played my minor hockey there. I played junior in Northern Ontario and then with Newmarket in the OJHL. I played pro in Germany and Holland and finished my pro career with Wichita of the Central League. I completed my playing career in the OCAA with Sault College and Humber College. Currently I am the owner of CFP Hockey.

2. Why did you create CFP?

I wanted to create a place where I can provide guidance and open doors for players to get to the next level.

3. What services do you offer?

Assessment of players - I believe in old school accountability. We do drills to correct and improve skills. We offer a solid practice to game ratio and one tournament.

Pre-Tryout - We have a 4-on-4 league that lasts for 3 to 4 weeks with two sessions per week. It is one hour of pure skating. It is a non contact league so the players develop their skills and improve their conditioning in a fun environment. I believe kids are pushed too hard to compete. There is too much pressure. They need some fun things.

Spring Tournaments - In May we go to Tournaments. We bring in different coaches so the players get a different voice and perspective on the game. It also enables them to build new relationships and connections.

NCAA Showcase - This is a full weekend event where players and their parents can learn more about the NCAA process from NCAA players and Coaches. Players will be able to showcase their talents and network with coaches. Parents can attend seminars to learn more about the whole process.

4. What do you offer in your NCAA Showcase?

We have NCAA coaches running practices and on the bench during the games. We also have three seminars - one that covers the NCAA process from start to finish, one that explains the difference between D1 and D3 and our third is about Admissions, Grades, Academics and SAT's. We have a Q and A session to meet and greet the coaches. We have current NCAA players who relate their experiences, the path they took to the NCAA, the challenges they faced in the NCAA process and the describe "A Day in the Life of a NCAA hockey player" We do a follow up contact with all the players. They are provided with all of the seminar information, tools to market themselves and DIY solutions. The NCAA Showcase is a fun environment with a little bit of pressure.

5. Who are some of your alumni?

  • Steven Perfetto - Lake Superior State
  • Colin Campbell - Lake Superior State
  • Greg Miller - Cornell
  • Andrew Favot - RIT
  • Justin DaSilva - Ohio State
  • Paul Chaisson - Mercyhurst
  • Richie Ryan - Notre Dame

6. What are your plans for the future with CFP Hockey?

I am considering a possible tournament. I am considering working with smaller groups and also younger age groups.

Learn more about Jason Fortier and CFP Hockey at www.cfphockey.com

  • Programs Director and on ice skills coach
  • CFP Hockey
  • Phone: 416-578-3671
  • Web: www.cfphockey.com

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