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Gale Hehr Interview

Gale Hehr - Mother of Mat Hehr from the Fredonia State Blue Devils

1. Where does your son/daughter play hockey in the NCAA?

My son plays in Fredonia, NY for the Fredonia State Blue Devils.

2. Where did your son/daughter previously play before making the jump to the NCAA?

He played for the Sherwood Park Crusaders, Junior A. They are part of the Alberta Junior league.

3. Did you talk to the coach directly in the recruiting process?

Yes, we talked with Coach Jeff Meredith. He educated us on the school and hockey program and was very informative.

4. How much of a role did you play in your son/daughters decision on where to play?

Not much, ultimately the decision was his.

5. What factors came into the decision that was made by your son/daughter?

What he wanted to take in school and of course the hockey team.

6. How many times do you visit your son/daughter at college?

Usually at least, on average, 3 times through the year.

7. Are you able to watch or listen to games online if you are not able to attend?

Yes, video is not always available but radio is.

8. Are you happy with the school your son/daughter chose?

Yes, very happy.

9. If you could do anything different during the recruitment process, what would it be?

Not really anything. The Coach was really informative and the school was extremely helpful. It was a good experience.

10. What recommendations can you make for other parents who have a son/daughter going through the recruiting process?

Ask lots of questions and just trust your gut and your child's judgement. You will know when you have your first visit. Instinct won't steer you wrong.

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