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YCH News, Issue #012-- The Fun at Christmas Hockey Tournaments!
December 03, 2012

Your College Hockey Journey Begins Here!

Merry Christmas!

We wish everyone a safe, healthy and Merry Christmas! Good luck to everyone who is in a Christmas tournament this year.

In this issue:

  1. Tournament Nutrition – Use Your Christmas Leftovers to Refuel!
  2. It's Time to Network - Be Pro-Active and Take the Time To Meet the Coaches
  3. Article of the Month – The Fun at Christmas Hockey Tournaments!
  4. Our Rookies– New at

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Use Your Christmas Leftovers to Refuel!

Your team manager has probably sent you your Christmas Tourney schedule by now. Take that information and use it to your advantage. Prepare your meal schedule prior to the tournament and during the tournament. This is especially important for pre and post game meals during the tourney. You want to have a full tank of efficient energy every game so that you can perform at your highest level every shift while the NCAA coaches and scouts watch you. It will also help your team when you are contributing at your best each and every shift.

Take out you schedule and determine the times of your games and answer these questions.

  • What time of the day is your first game?
  • Do you have a second game that day?
  • If yes, how much time do you have between games?
  • At approximately what time will your last game of the day be over?

Answer these questions for each day you are in the tournament. Once you know the times your games, determine your time that you have available to eat and refuel. Some ideas to consider: Immediately after the game, drink liquids with sugar to make up the fluid loss. If you have several hours between games have solid food that is easy to digest such as a banana or a turkey sandwich. After your last game of the day, you can eat a good meal consisting of lots of carbs, some protein and very little fat. For example pasta with tomato sauce.

Remember at all times to hydrate. Drink water as much as possible. Gatorade is also good.

It's Time to Network-
Be Pro-Active and Take the Time To Meet the Coaches

Christmas Hockey Tournaments are an extremely busy time for NCAA Hockey Coaches. Their teams are on a break while school is out for exams and Christmas Holidays, so they fill this time by getting out to games to watch as many players as possible.

Tournaments help coaches scout productively and efficiently. They can be in one location and see many players multiple times. They can also watch the off-ice image that a player presents. These are all important bits of criteria to coaches as they build their scouting reports on potential recruits.

As a player, you can take the time to introduce yourself to as many NCAA coaches as you can find in the rink. You can be pro-active and create a positive first impression with every coach that you meet. It's like being a salesperson and building your network of contacts and prospects.

Part of creating the positive impression is to be prepared. While you are at home, you will have already prepared your questions to ask the coach. The next thing to have with you is your profile information in a simple and specific format. You may also want to have a CD with video of your capabilities. and game hi-lites. Finally, make sure you are up to date on the NCAA rules for contact and correspondence with coaches.

Article of the Month -
The Fun at Christmas Hockey Tournaments

We're heading into the Christmas Season. It's time to get out the decorations, trim the tree, buy presents, and get together with friends. It's also time to get ready for the traditional Christmas Hockey tournament. It's that great time of year when you are in a rink almost every day competing in playoff style hockey. Sometimes you are traveling to a new place and a new rink and other times you are at the same arena. In every instance you encounter new experiences and great adventures that create lifelong friendships and memories. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet NCAA College Hockey Coaches and scouts. They will be spending many hours in the arenas each day watching games and getting to know players. Take the time to introduce yourself.

New at
We want Your Feedback

It's time for Christmas Hockey Tournaments. The scouts and recruiters will be in full force bouncing from rink to rink. It's a great opportunity to market yourself. Share your thoughts or questions or recruiting successes in regards to college hockey by completing our short survey.

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