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YCH News, Issue #002 --
February 01, 2012

Your College Hockey Journey Begins Here!

In this issue:

  1. Upcoming SAT and ACT Test - dates and registration.
  2. Eligibility – NCAA Core courses needed in High School.
  3. Article of the Month – Injury Prevention with Derrell Levy of In-Tech Hockey.
  4. Men’s Division 1 – YCH Men's D1 Guidebook.

Everybody knows somebody who wants to play college hockey. At Your College it is our goal to provide quality and useful content for pursuing NCAA hockey and understanding the recruiting process and eligibility.

Your College Hockey News is dedicated to providing up to date and factual information on a monthly basis. All of our subscribers receive a bonus copy of the YCH Recruiting Checklist. If you know somebody who would find this information helpful, please pass this email along and encourage him or her to Subscribe.

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SAT Testing Dates 2012

March 10 – Register by February 10
May 5 – Register by April 6
June 2 – Register by May 8

ACT Testing Dates 2012

February 11 – Register by January 13
April 14 – Register by March 9
June 9 – Register by May 4

You can write these tests as many times as you like in order to achieve a higher score. Often, these tests require great preparation and can produce anxiety in students. It is wise to plan ahead and prepare far in advance. To learn about SAT and ACT test preparation and to find out how to register click here

Stay on Track in High School - NCAA Core Courses and Your Eligibility

As a hockey player preparing to play in the NCAA, you need to make sure that you take care of your off-ice responsibilities. From the time you enter high school, your grades will impact your eligibility to play college hockey.

If you hope to play Division I college athletics or receive a scholarship you will have to achieve a minimum Grade Point Average in your NCAA core courses that match your SAT or ACT test scores on the sliding scale …more

Article of the Month - Injury Prevention with Derrell Levy of In-Tech Hockey

My biggest concerns about junior hockey players staying injury free are knowledge and maintenance. Many players now-a-days understand that they need to work out, but don't understand why and how; …more

Coming Soon : YCH Men's Division 1 Guidebook

The YCH Men’s Division I Guidebook is the most complete and accurate guide anywhere. Our guide will give you the information you need to effectively plan your hockey future. We are excited to share our extensive research with you!
  • Learn where every NCAA conference and team recruits players.
  • Get the facts on how many players are graduating in your position from each NCAA conference and team.
  • Team profiles with contact information for the coaching staff and crucial fact about the team and the school.
  • Find out what Jr. and Prep teams produce the most college hockey players.

Stay tuned as we are very excited for the upcoming release of the YCH Men’s Division 1 Guidebook. Be sure to subscribe to find out first when we release this powerful tool!
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