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YCH News, Issue #008 -- Play College Hockey
August 01, 2012

Your College Hockey Journey Begins Here!

In this issue:

  1. NCAA Hockey Players – Where do they Come From?
  2. Article of the Month – 10 Reasons to Play College Hockey
  3. Your Help is Appreciated – New at

Everybody knows somebody who wants to play college hockey. At Your College it is our goal to provide quality and useful content for pursuing NCAA hockey and understanding the recruiting process and eligibility.

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NCAA Hockey Players

Does your country provide a large pool of talent for the NCAA or will you be the first for your country to play for an NCAA ice hockey team? In this issue, we are providing you with a breakdown of the countries where NCAA hockey players are from.

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Article of the Month -
The Newest Hockey Programs in the NCAA

It's a great topic for discussion and a major debate in many hockey circles. This month we feature 10 reasons to play college hockey.

10 Reasons to Play College Hockey

1 - Education - You get the best of both worlds. You complete your education and play elite hockey. What a great combination! This combination opens the doors to many exciting opportunities. Just ask Dan Bellissimo, Western Michigan Alum, playing pro hockey in Europe.

2 - The Experience - What an amazing experience! You get the college life. There is the atmosphere of the campus, your classes and the diverse group of people. Then there is hockey and your teammates and all the games, practices and road trips.

3 - Personal Development - There is everything you will learn in class and then there is everything you will learn outside of class - the social interaction and the different viewpoints and opinions of your classmates, teammates and the other students on campus. A big contributor to your personal development will be the independence and responsibilities you will have as a student athlete.

4 Time Management - This is a very valuable skill that will take you many places if you can learn to master it early. You will learn to manage your time so you can juggle classes and studying, hockey games and practices with social time and rest.

5 - Life Long Friendships - Many people you meet, both classmates and teammates, prof's and coaches, will become your life long friends.

6 - Alumni Network - This will be a valuable asset for networking and creating opportunities.

7 - Exposure to Pro Scouts - You will still be playing elite level hockey while you are getting a great education. This keeps you on the radar of the Pro Scouts as you continue to hone and develop your skills.

8 - Access to Great Facilities - The rinks you play in are top notch facilities. The strength and conditioning centers are at a pro level. Your dressing room will make you feel like you are a pro.

9 - The Fans - The Fans will probably be one of your greatest memories of your college hockey career. From the songs to the chants, to the crowd and the noise, they all combine to create an atmosphere you will always remember.

10 The Opportunity to Learn from Great coaches - The skills and strategies you will learn from these great mentors will take your game to a new level.

What are your reasons to play college hockey? Will they take you on a path that is the right fit for you? Share your thoughts.

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Have you ever thought about "putting a little water in your workout?" YCH learns about the benefits of standup paddleboarding for your off season workouts. It's a great way to build core strength, increase cardio and improve balance and flexibility with minimal impact on your joints. NHL greats Chris Chelios and Nik Lidstrom are avid paddleboarders.

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